About Me


If you don’t know who i am, Let me Introduce myself : My name is Mistress Natasha 31 years old from Bucharest,Professional Dominatrix with 6 years experience in Fetish & BDSM,voluptous beautiful body based in Bucharest and often i travel Fly Me To You bookings ( touring in many countries also ). Now let me explain a little more about what i do and what i offer  


What really makes a session for me is the power i have.

The main important 3 things to me is you to be Masochist, Subservient and Fetishistic

BDSM is much more than just kinky sex, and it is not simply about “power exchange” or the act of whipping or otherwise tormenting a sub. For me, my professional BDSM sessions are about erotic energy exchange and service to another human being.

When I top someone, especially someone new, I want to build a connection with them and then I strive to find out what makes that person tick while tailoring the scene to our mutual needs and desires.

I love to feel a sense of shared joy when someone’s dreams or fantasies are made real. It is amazing and wonderful for me to watch someone’s eyes light up as we try an activity that they may have feared would be horrible, but instead they find is surprisingly delightful and pleasant.

Taking someone further than they ever imagined but doing it safely & with a sense of trust & security is an ultimate joy for me.So if you feel ready to submit to someone experienced,contact me ( options in Contact page )

Miss Natasha